Tyra face.png

Tyra Rains

Tyra started Virtue in her living room for young women wanting to know more about living an uncommon life. Years later, Virtue has made its way from her living room to several states, many homes, and countless lives. Tyra is known for wisdom, compassion, and a life full of laughter. Not only has she touched so many lives, but she also just became a grandma!

IG: @tyrarains

Bailey face.png

Bailey Rains

On the outside, Bailey is beautiful. On the inside, she’s so much more. As the Executive Director of Virtue, Bailey is thoughtful and diligent. Her laugh makes you laugh, and her sincerity makes you feel comfortable. As a new mom, Bailey will tell you she doesn’t have it all figured out, but she serves a God who does! If you’ve met Bailey, you’ve met an uncommon woman.

IG: @rains_bailey


Jessica Maner

If you follow Jess on social media, then you know how powerful her words are. Jessica believes in living an authentic life—not one for show. She’s a wife and mom, and she’s not afraid to talk about the hard stuff, but also the great stuff! During the week, Jess leads a life group of 20 women, dedicating her life to showing people an uncommon life is worth living!

IG: @jesmaner


Mariah Bedford

Mariah may be a little unusual at times, but she believes God has given her a unique voice for a purpose. Mariah’s greatest joys in life are laughing with her husband, loving on her younger siblings, and spending large amounts of time in coffee shops. She’s shy, friendly, and often says the first thing that comes to mind, which is why she loves writing so much more than talking!

IG: @owlbluefeather

rachel face.png

Rachel Strange

Rachel has great taste in music, movies, and literature. Some of her passions include spending time with loved ones over coffee, performing spoken word poems, and taking adorable pictures of her children. As a pop-culture writer for a local newspaper, she’s got a little sass and a lot of truth. If you’ve ever heard her speak, you know just how moving she can be!

IG: @therachelstrange


Tayliana DeBusk

Tayliana may be the youngest writer here, but she’s also the most fun! (Don’t tell the others.) Tayliana is a storyteller, and she believes in the stories of others, winning over everyone she meets. As the Creative Director for Virtue, she has an eye for beauty and passionately cares about everything she puts her hand to. Her and her husband love serving the local church.

IG: @taylianadebusk